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Oak SeawallOne of the more popular methods for providing shore protection is the seawall. A seawall, as the name implies, is a structure separating land and water areas designed to prevent erosion and other damage due to wave action and currents.

Selection of the proper type of seawall to be used is key to its success. In areas with heavy wave action and currents, a porous seawall of the skip-pole variety backed by rip-rap is frequently used to help minimize scouring of the toe of the wall by waves and currents. The use of pressure treated hardwoods for construction of this type of wall provides a durable and attractive finished look that will provide many years of service.

In many settings, an interlocking steel seawall is the appropriate design to consider. Vinyl Seawall in Sandstone FinishSteel provides durability and strength that is hard to match. Our steel walls are custom designed for each particular property and application, matching the proper thickness with the correct length sheets. The steel wall can also be used in combination with the treated oak wall.

In some situations, where the danger of ice damage is not present, and for onshore retaining walls, a vinyl wall provides an attractive choice. Vinyl walls are available in several colors and gauges. It is extremely important to match the proper thickness with the particular application.

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